My January Goals

Two posts in one day! I know that in order to achieve big goals, I need to set smaller goals to help me along the way, so here are my goals for the first month of 2022.

Complete dry January. Bill and I are participating in dry January (not drinking alcohol all month) with friends. I’ve embarked on dry Januarys before but never actually completed one. I really want to do it this year!

Read three books. I’m about halfway through a book right now but I’m not going to count that. This goal is to completely start and finish three books in January. My mother-in-law generously gifted me an Amazon gift card for Christmas and I have it earmarked for books!

Get some sort of movement every day. Whether it’s strength training, dance, or just taking a walk, I want to move my body every day. I feel so much better when I’m exercising regularly.

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