Setting Myself Up for a Happy 2022

It feels so strange to say this, but there are only 10 days left in 2021! Personally I’m quite ready to bid goodbye to this year. In a lot of ways it felt even more difficult to endure than 2020, and although I know that the changing of the calendar to a new year won’t solve the world’s problems it does feel like a way to close the door on the things that happened in 2021 and to offer a fresh start.

I’ll do a recap of my 2021 goals next week, but I wanted to write a little update on the work I’m doing to set myself up for better results on my health and fitness journey in 2022 because I’ve made some changes in my life recently that I’m really excited about!

After going to Dance Church with my friend Kate back in October, I realized that I was pretty comfortable with working out in a mask (a requirement where I live, and also just a good rule right now while Covid continues to surge – I would not go to work out indoors at a place that didn’t require masks). Since I felt both comfortable and safe at Dance Church, I began to wonder if I would feel okay returning to my gym. I reached out to my friends at the gym who teach Red Hot Dance and asked to be a guest in their classes, which they very kindly agreed to. After going for a couple of weeks to see how I felt, I decided I was ready to re-join the gym. And I am loving it! I’ve been consistently going 3-4 times per week (except for the first week after our Hawaii trip when we quarantined ourselves). Because I weigh a little less now, I am happy to find that my performance in those classes has actually improved from when I was going pre-Covid. And being able to be back at dance has been such a good thing for me both physically and mentally. The holidays can be both a really happy and a really stressful time of year, but being able to go and spend an hour thinking of nothing but dancing is like meditation for me.

I’m also taking steps to hopefully get my nutrition figured out, after starting and stalling all year in that area. What I know about myself is that I do better at living a healthy lifestyle when I’m among likeminded people, which is why in my late twenties I was able to reach and maintain a goal weight while spending a lot of time in my Zumba community. Recognizing that made me decide that in order to be successful I needed someone to be accountable to. I don’t want to make that someone Bill or my friends – it isn’t their job to keep me in line! So I reached out to my gym’s nutritionist, Trisha, and set up a consultation with her.

I met with Trisha two weeks ago for the first time and talking with her was like cracking open the dark crevices of my food brain that I’d been drowning in and allowing me to finally come up for air. I left that first meeting full of hope that I’ve found someone who can help me do the work of changing my mindset around eating and my body so that I can finally find some peace. Although I do want to lose weight, I also want to stop the cycle of overeating and then feeling bad about myself over it. By learning to change my approach to myself from critical to curious, I’m hoping to get my behavior with food to align a little more closely with my beliefs about how I should be eating. It should be quite the journey!

I feel like I’m taking some solid steps to making 2022 a great year of personal growth!

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