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Well, I threw in the towel on the Space Food Diet in the middle of last week. The processed food was wreaking havoc on my body and even though I was losing weight, it wasn’t worth continuing. Not only did I continue to have problems with my stomach, but I had zero energy and I was feeling anxious and depressed.

Now that I’m eating a balance of whole foods again, I’m feeling a lot better and I’m still losing weight! I’m not exactly sure how much I’ve lost in pounds – I weighed myself on October 1st, then again on the 9th when I started the Space Food Diet, and according to the scale I had gained four pounds in between those two weigh-ins. But since we’d been on vacation, I know that most of those four pounds were not actual weight gain. If I go by my October 1st weight, I’ve lost 1.6lbs, but if I use my October 9th weigh-in as my starting weight then I’ve lost 5.5lbs. Either way, I’m much more interested in inches lost, so we re-took measurements on Saturday and I was down another 2.75 inches. That’s 8 inches total lost in two weeks. I’m feeling pretty happy with that!

So now I’m back to calorie counting, with goals of 1200 calories six days a week and 1500 calories one day per week. The higher calorie day lets me have a nice meal if I want to, while the lower days continue to help me normalize eating less food. It’s a steeper calorie deficit than I’ll probably set for myself long-term, but at least for right now it’s been plenty of calories to eat the way I want to.

We had a really productive and enjoyable weekend. Yesterday, we rented a Uhaul and cleaned out our storage unit, taking several unused and rather worn-out items to the transfer station. It’s nice to have our storage cleaned out and organized! Today was pretty stormy, so we spent the afternoon carving the fake pumpkins I got at craft stores. I’ve wanted to carve pumpkins every year since Bill and I first got together, but it always feels like October gets away from me and before I have time to even stop and buy the supplies Halloween has come and gone. I’m so happy we got to carve them this year! I feel good about finding new things to do that are fun (or that yield results that make me happy, like organizing our storage unit) and I feel like these activities were made possible by our commitment to eating better and spending our time differently.

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