Reflecting on Buying New Appliances

Last year, in lieu of Christmas presents, I bought new appliances for our kitchen. It’s the first time in my life that I have kitchen appliances I chose myself; always, in the past, I just used whatever came with the house I had purchased or (more often) was renting. Although when Bill and I bought our condo three years ago I did have some vague ideas about things I wanted to do to upgrade it, we didn’t really do anything until we found ourselves locked down when the pandemic hit last year. We did some projects like replacing the hideously ugly lighting fixture in our dining room and swapping out the brass door handles, hinges, and other hardware for matte black, and those seemingly little updates made a big difference in the overall look and feel of the place.

Around October, we started having issues with our stove. It was probably the original that came with the condo when it was built in 2002, and it was definitely not high-end even when it was new. One of the front burners didn’t really like to light, and one morning when I preheated the oven to make my breakfast eggs, the oven wouldn’t get hot anymore (this issue resolved itself a few days later, while Bill was on the phone with a repairman – figures). Rather than wait for further problems to crop up, I decided that I was going to take some of the money I’d been able to save last year and treat us to our first set of brand-new appliances.

It took several weeks to have everything delivered and installed, and we didn’t get the new stove until after Christmas because the first one we got was badly damaged in transit and looked like someone had thrown it down a mountain, but eventually we did get our new microwave, fridge, stove, and dishwasher. The stove is by far my favorite of the new items (although the fridge, with its roomy freezer and separate drawer just for drinks, is a close second). I’ve discovered a love of cooking and there’s something so soothing after a long day about chopping, prepping, and cooking a favorite meal. I’ve branched out a lot and tried more and more complicated recipes that I would probably have been afraid to even attempt a few years ago. Bill also enjoys cooking and agrees that the new appliances are a huge upgrade in our house.

I was incredibly proud of myself for being able to make such major purchases and to feel very confident that I could afford them, without needing to put them on a credit card (pro tip: I actually DID purchase them with my credit card, so that I could get the rewards points – I just paid them off right away). Not only does it make me happy that I’m able to do more than just pay for basic expenses every month and I was able to save up the money for new things, but it makes my home nicer and more enjoyable having appliances that work well and look great in the kitchen. Even when I’m just making my morning coffee, being in a bright and cheery kitchen sets a good tone for my day. And making meals is not a chore to me, it’s something I enjoy doing and feel proud of.

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