Taking Some Rest Time

Yesterday Bill and I cleaned the house and I washed sheets and towels, so we were able to go to sleep in a nice clean bed and wake up to a tidy house. This delighted me immeasurably.

Getting good sleep last night was something I desperately needed. Over the last few weeks I’ve been having a really, really hard time waking up for my workouts. Monday morning, I increased the amount of weight I lift, and by the afternoon my lower back was starting to spasm. Yesterday I woke up feeling lightheaded and sort of dizzy, but went for a walk anyway because I wanted to get in some sort of exercise even if I didn’t feel up to strength training. I probably should’ve just rested because I felt awful for most of the day and ended up needing to lie down for a bit in the afternoon. This morning when I woke up I still felt tired, so I let myself rest instead of trying to push through and work out.

I think that I struggle with resting when I really need to because I’ve been super consistent all year in my workouts and I absolutely hate the thought of losing that momentum. I haven’t missed a workout in months and I don’t like the idea of ending that streak, but at the same time I also know that I’m going to get hurt or sick if I don’t take it easy right now. I can tell the difference between feeling a little sleepy and just needing to push through it, and actually being rundown and needing the rest. Right now, I’m legitimately rundown and actually feeling frustrated about it.

I’ve also been beyond hungry the last couple of days. My normal weekday routine meals and snacks are not even close to enough and I’ve been starving in between. I know that I can lose weight in a calorie deficit, but I also know that certain foods give way more benefits than others – 100 calories of chocolate is the same as 100 calories of apple, but the apple has fiber and nutritional value and is going to keep me full longer than the chocolate will. I’m definitely noticing that I need to swap out some of my food choices so that I feel less hungry in between meals.

What I like about all this is that I’m feeling a lot more dialed in to how my workout and food choices are making me feel, rather than just what they translate to on the scale. For me, that’s progress. I’m starting to notice that when I don’t eat enough protein, when I eat too much in general, or when I have a few drinks, it throws off my sleep for at least a night. That leaves me feeling sluggish in the morning, so my workouts are impacted, and my overall mood is more morose when I’m tired. Choosing to make changes because it’ll help me feel stronger and more energetic feels like a bigger payoff than doing it just to be thinner.

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