Recap of July Goals

The month of July was a whirlwind! For the most part, it was a really fun month. I had a blast celebrating my birthday with friends and getting away for a night to Leavenworth with Bill. There were also some really difficult times as a family member struggled with some health issues – happily, they are now on the mend and I’m far less concerned than I was a few weeks ago.

I was extremely proud of myself for completing the 9-Week Control Freak workout program with complete consistency. I never missed a workout and I can definitely tell that I’ve leaned out a bit and put on some muscle. Today I started a new round of LIIFT4 which is one of my favorite Beachbody on Demand programs. It’s focused on strength training, and it’s only four days a week which is awesome (9WCF was five days a week) for eight weeks.

Here’s the recap of how I did with my goals for July:

Begin the Calorie Cycling Challenge successfully. Although this challenge isn’t officially over until August 4th, I finished July with an 81% consistency rate for following the calorie cycling methodology I’ve set for myself. What that means is that on six of the thirty-one days of July, my calories exceeded my goal for the day, whether it was a “low” or a “high” day. 81% consistency is really good! Unfortunately it didn’t translate into much in the way of weight loss, but if I’m being honest with myself I also didn’t count calories as thoroughly as I could have and there’s definitely a possibility that I underestimated calorie values in some of the things I ate and drank. For August I’ve pulled out the food scale and I’m working on actually measuring things so that I can track more accurately. My overall average calories per day for the month of July came in at 1,563.

Walk an average of 10,000 steps per day. I got so close to this goal in July! My final monthly average steps per day came in at 9,799.

Log my weight daily in LoseIt. I did log my weight daily, but halfway through the month I switched from tracking weight in LoseIt to tracking in the Inner Circle app that Jordan Syatt created. I like the graph and the trendline presentation on the IC platform better than LoseIt’s, although I still love LoseIt for tracking food.

Review my LoseIt logs from 2012-2013. I looked back on these logs, and what I learned is that back then I was basically calorie cycling but didn’t realize what exactly I was doing. I remember that back then I had a daily goal of eating 1,200 calories, so that’s what I would aim for, but I didn’t get too bothered if I went over by a little bit on weekends or on days when I worked out hard. It showed me that what I’m doing now is really the same as what I did to lose the weight before, so I’m hopeful that it’s going to work again!

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