Recap of June and Goals for July

Today is July 1st, and also the first day of the second half of 2021! Now that temperatures are more mild, I’m feeling happier that it’s summer, and I’m also looking forward to seeing how much progress I can make by the end of the year with my health and weight loss.

I decided not to write a separate post about how I did with my June goals, since I’ve already shared in previous posts that I changed my approach to calorie counting after writing it and that I missed my step goal because of the heat wave we had in Western Washington. I ended June with an average of 9,400 steps per day, which honestly given all the challenges of the month really didn’t feel too bad! I had set a goal of having a salad once a week but to be totally honest I completely forgot about it and so I didn’t pay attention to it. I did blog more though! So hey, at least I achieved one of my goals!

The Calorie Cycling Challenge I joined starts next Tuesday, but I decided to start calorie cycling today so that I can get a feel for it before I “officially” start. While of course I’d like to do it perfectly from the start, I recognize that this is going to be a big shift in habits and mindset and the first few days may come with a learning curve. I don’t want this to be something I just do for thirty days, or forty, or whatever. I want it to be a time when I’m receiving extra support and encouragement during a challenge that will ultimately help me build habits that I can maintain forever, because I don’t believe that making changes I don’t intend to stick with for the rest of my life will do me any good in the long run.

With that said, here are my goals for July.

Begin the Calorie Cycling Challenge successfully. Ideally I want to be pretty religious about sticking to my high and low calorie counts, because I want to do a good job in this challenge and truly reap the benefits. This goal will overlap into August a bit, since it’s a 30-day challenge beginning on July 6th.

Walk an average of 10,000 steps per day. I didn’t make it in June but I do think I can do it in July!

Log my weight daily in LoseIt. My reason for doing this is to see the graph that LoseIt will create of my weigh-ins, which will definitely show fluctuations from day to day but hopefully will show my weight trending downward by the end of my calorie cycling challenge.

Review my LoseIt logs from 2012-2013. I hit my goal weight in 2012 and maintained it through 2013, and I want to revisit the data from my eating and exercise habits from back then to see if I can find things that helped me be successful back then that I can do again now.