Recapping My Goals for May

That’s a wrap on May! This month FLEW by and it seems crazy to me that I’m already writing this post. This recap will be on the short side since I’m also cooking dinner while I write (seared halibut and roasted Brussels sprouts with Jasmine rice – I’m ending the month with a healthy meal!), so let’s get into it:

Stay under my allotted calories 70% of the time. This goal It worked out to 22 days of staying within my 1,600 calorie allotment, which gave me 9 days to go over. And I took every single one of those 9 days! I’m down 3.2lbs from May 1 and I am positive that this goal is the reason why. There were some days when I felt great, but there were others where I just lost my damn mind and ate everything in sight, which made me grateful for a little bit of a buffer. I’m not sure whether I prefer having a set amount of days per week that I can go over or an overall monthly percentage, so I’m still figuring out what will work best for me long-term.

Average 9,500 steps per day. I’m so happy I was able to do this one! I don’t have my final step tally for today, but even with where I’m at now I averaged jut over 9,600 steps per day.

Complete the Fit Happens May Beachbody Challenge. I have mixed feelings about this. I did better with this challenge than anyone else in my group, but I didn’t follow it every single day. The first part of the May challenge was to share a photo of one healthy meal per day, and I had decided that none of my Shakeology shakes would count for this. Although there wasn’t a day where I never had a healthy meal, there were a couple of days in May when Shakeology was the only really healthy meal I had. The other challenge was a plank challenge. I started off really enthusiastic about this challenge, but fell off when Bill and I were in San Diego. Once I got to the 2min 20second plank, I had a really difficult time doing it and after that I just sort of gave up on the planks. I do want to get back into the habit of daily planks, but I don’t think a three-minute one is in the cards for me.

Write a blog post once a week. Well, I only wrote three additional posts this month, so I definitely didn’t hit this goal. But, I did write more than I did in previous months, so I’m happy with the progress! I might make this a goal again in June and see if I can do it.

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