Recapping my March Goals

That….could have gone better.

Another month has drawn to a close without my being able to lose any weight. But I actually do feel like I’m getting my head back in the game and that I’ll start to see some success in April. But in the meantime, here’s a recap of how I did in March.

Continue strength training four times a week. I actually made this goal thinking that it was an easy one, but I missed some of my workouts in March. The first miss was on a Friday morning, because I’d had terrible allergies the day before and actually took an antihistamine (something I rarely need to do) and woke up feeling beyond groggy. We did go for a long walk that morning, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do a strength-training workout. Then I missed three workouts last week, although technically I did still do a form of strength training for two of them in the form of packing and carrying heavy boxes. I ended up going into my former office to help box up the various books and binders in our library, which proved to be a pretty decent challenge physically. I finished Thursday night but was really sore on Friday and opted to sleep in. This week I’m back to a normal work-at-home schedule and my workouts are on track, but I can’t claim a win on this goal.

Stay under my allotted calories six days per week. I did not fare well on this at all. If I finish today under my calories, I’ll have done so for just 15 of the 31 days of March, or not quite 50% of the month. While that’s an improvement over February, it’s still not great and I really want to do better.

Average 7,500 steps per day. I’m happy to say that I absolutely crushed this one. Even without my final step count for today, I’m at an average of 8400 steps per day for March, which was an amazing improvement over January and February’s step counts. I’m really happy we’ve been getting out and walking more and I want to keep this up!

Cook dinner at least one weekend night and eat that meal at the table. This definitely did not happen. I did actually cook at home on some weekend days, but we dined in front of the TV as per our usual.

Pick one non-eating-related activity per weekend to do with Bill. We….sort of did this? Once or twice? We drove up to Edison one Saturday to go to a show at an art gallery, which was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it. Other than that, I didn’t do the greatest job of thinking up non-eating things for us to do.

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