January Goal Check-In

That felt like the fastest January I’ve ever experienced in my life.

Normally, the first month of the year feels like it drags on for an eternity, but not in 2021! Even though I feel like we were just raising a glass while we counted down to the new year, January is already over and it’s time to make some February Goals. Before I get into my new monthly goals, I thought I’d write a quick check-in on how January went.

Stick to my calorie count goal six days a week. I counted the days that I ate over my calorie goal, and in January there were six days in total – two more days than I’d hoped for, but still better than I’d been doing for the last few months of 2020. I’ve heard about the 80/20 rule (stick to your calorie goal 80% of the time), and I did accomplish that.

What I noticed though, is that even though I tracked everything I ate and believed that I was doing a better job with my eating, I didn’t lose weight in January. I did drop a couple of pounds early on, but those came back by the end of the month so ultimately the changes I made only helped me maintain my current weight. I’m pretty sure that I’m underestimating what I’m eating and tracking fewer calories than I’m actually eating; albeit unintentionally. This is something to address for February.

Weigh myself every day. I achieved this one on 30 out of 31 days (we stayed in a hotel one night and I wasn’t committed enough to this goal to pack my scale along). It was good to have the data, and it definitely showed me that I need to review what I’m doing and make some changes if I want to see weight loss.

Drink more water. I did really well on this one overall. Since I didn’t set a tangible metric I wasn’t measuring ounces or anything like that, but I definitely got into the habit of filling up my Hydro Flask for the day and drinking more water.

No alcohol. Dry January had….a few showers. We gave in to the urge and had drinks with dinner on four nights last month. But that was a huge improvement for us!

Average 7,500 steps/day each week. I didn’t quite make it with this one. Overall for the month of January I averaged 6,307 steps per day, which was quite a bit short of my goal. The biggest reason I didn’t make it was the record rainfall in Washington last month; there were multiple days where it was absolutely pouring outside and it was just too gross outside for walking. I’m hoping that as we move into spring that I’ll be able to get out more. I miss my walks!

I don’t really know how to feel about January. Going in, I thought I had set realistic goals that I could easily meet and that would guarantee me weight loss, but obviously that turned out not to be true. Some changes I’m pleased with, others not so much, and I’m going to take those feelings into account for my February goals. I’m using this as data to adjust my goals and habits and not beating myself up over not achieving everything I’d planned, because one of my 2021 Resolutions was to be nicer to myself. I’m still on track for all of my resolutions, so that’s a very good thing!

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