January Goals – Week 1 Summary

I made it through the first week in January and honestly it started out super weird and kind of terrible. A bunch of crazy Trump supporters broke into the US Capitol building earlier this week. People were killed and now Trump might be impeached (again). As I was watching this unfold all I could think to myself was, “And I decided to stop drinking this month??”

In spite of feeling really overwhelmed by the news this week, I did manage to stick to all of my January goals! Some of them were really easy and made me feel proud of myself for accomplishing, but other ones are proving to be pretty difficult and I’m just hoping they get easier throughout the month.

Stick to my calorie count goal six days a week – I’m proud to report that I’ve only exceeded my calorie goal one day so far this month, which was yesterday. It was the end of a long and stressful week and I knew I wouldn’t be having any drinks, so instead I had three slices of pizza and two cookies for dinner. Interestingly, yesterday was the first day that I really struggled with this goal. During the week I’ve been pretty content sticking with my preplanned meals and I didn’t feel deprived or overly hungry. I was a little bummed, because the pizza sounded SO good, but when I ate it I found that it wasn’t nearly as satisfying as I’d hoped it would be. If I’m going to splurge I want every bite to be amazing! But I knew going in that I would have some days that I would go over my calories, and one day in every eight isn’t bad at all.

Weigh myself every day – I confess that I did NOT want to do this on January 1st. I knew that I’d been eating poorly over the holidays and that I wasn’t going to like the number I was going to see. I definitely didn’t like it, but I’ve been faithfully weighing myself and recording the number as soon as I get up every morning. It’s interesting to see how my weight fluctuates day to day, especially when I add in strength training workouts! As of this morning, I’m down three pounds on the scale, but I fully expect to see more fluctuations over the rest of January. What I’m really excited to see is the number on February 1st.

Drink more water – this has been the easiest goal to keep so far. I actually love water and between my morning tumbler, my hydro flask, and my evening LaCroix waters, I’m definitely staying hydrated!

No alcohol – this one wasn’t too hard until last night, when I found myself wanting a few drinks really badly! I think my cravings stemmed from a combination of feeling really stressed out all week and because it’s become a habit to have alcohol with dinner on Friday nights. I was tempted to give in and cheat, but knew I’d be disappointed in myself if I quit this goal so easily. Instead, I opened a LaCroix water and texted a friend of mine who is also doing dry January and told her I was having a tough time with it. She agreed that it was hard for her too, and we got through it. The fact that this is hard for me just reiterates to me that it’s a good thing for me to be doing, but I’m really hoping next Friday night is easier.

Average 7,500 steps per day each week – the main struggle I had with this goal was the weather this week. I’m used to the drizzle that Seattle is famous for and I’m pretty used to walking in it, but there were multiple days this week where it was windy and absolutely pouring rain. It was too gross out for walking. Luckily, I was able to balance those days with the nice long walks we were able to take when the weather eased up, and I actually ended up averaging over 8,000 steps for the week.

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