Resolutions for 2021

Today is the last day of 2020.

At times (mostly in March, which felt like it lasted a whole year on its own), it felt like this year would never be over. And now, here we are at last, about to bid adieu to 2020. Although the beginning of a new year will certainly not set everything right again in the world, I am hopeful that having a new president here in the U.S. and the growing availability of a COVID-19 vaccine will move us in the right direction.

I didn’t make New Year’s resolutions last year and I’m seriously glad I didn’t, because it helped me give myself grace to just do the best I could to get through the more challenging parts of this year. I’ve decided that I’d like to make some this year, though. I recognize that they are cliché, but I’ve always enjoyed making New Year’s resolutions in the past and I think they’re a good excuse to set some goals to focus on. And, it’ll be interesting to look back on them at the end of 2021 to see how far I’ve come!

Set monthly goals. I think the first step to long-term accomplishments is to start with smaller goals, so I am resolving to start each month setting goals for myself to achieve that will get me to my overall goals for the year. Tomorrow I’ll post my goals for January.

Continue my good fitness habits. For most of 2020, I did strength-training workouts four days a week and walked anywhere from five to seven days a week. I’m planning to start 2021 by committing to continue this trend, and I have my work calendar blocked for a lunchtime walk every day to help me stay motivated to do it.

Make better eating habits. Although I made strides in improving my health by being active in 2020, I didn’t do a good job of eating healthy with any consistency. I really want to do better in the new year. By the end of 2021 I’d like to be able to say confidently that splurges are a treat and not a routine, and that I eat healthily more often than not.

Make daily entries in my gratitude journal. For the last few years I’ve kept notebooks and jotted down a few things each day that I’m grateful for, and while I’m fairly consistent about doing it I’d like to make it a daily habit in 2021.

Read two books each month. I used to be such an avid reader, but now I find myself just wasting a lot of time scrolling social media when I could be enjoying a good book. At one point I was reading a book a week! I’m hoping this goal will get me reading more and hopefully will also inspire me to write more.

Be kind to myself. Nobody ever accomplished goals because they were being mean to themselves and so I want to work really hard on not thinking negative things about myself and to instead show myself love and grace while I work to improve things I know I can do better.

Here’s to 2021! We made it!

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