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I accidentally took a month off from blogging; work got super busy and I don’t honestly know exactly what happened but June is over and now it is July and you guys it is summer which just happens to be my favorite season.
Summer in Seattle is so much different than summers in California. Before I moved to the Northwest, I definitely took nice weather for granted and honestly I don’t remember feeling much of a pull to get outside and enjoy a sunny day. Now, though, once the temperature hits 70 degrees I want to ditch all responsibilities and just be outdoors. I love the warm sun, the fresh air, the long lazy days.
Now that I’m done with school, I plan to spend many summer hours relaxing with good books. I already have some picked out that I’m looking forward to reading, but I would also love recommendations!
Here are the ones I have so far:
Summer of 69 by Elin Hildebrand (my online book club’s pick for July)
Before and Again by Barbara Delinksy
Lock Every Door by Riley Sager (this one comes out tomorrow!)
Girl Last Seen by Nina Laurin
California Girls by Susan Mallery
And I’ll probably also re-read Bitter is the New Black by Jen Lancaster because it’s one of my all-time favorites and I usually read it once a summer.
Okay, what books am I missing? Tell me what you’re reading so I can add to my list!

1 thought on “Summer Reading List

  1. Right now I’m reading Our Souls at Night and it is…odd. Well, the story isn’t so odd, it’s the writing style. There are no quotation marks, just single sentences and it’s making my eye twitch. It’s a fast read though, and it’s for my bookclub, so at least it will be interesting to talk about! I think it’s also a movie on Netflix, so after our discussion, we’re going to watch the movie and talk about it. 🙂

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